Wednesday, January 28


Hello!  As you may have read above, I am currently trying to get an education in literature and pop culture by watching Gilmore Girls on DVD and reading/watching/listening to all the references made.  I have come to calling it an education because books and iTunes downloads cost money and I would like to think I will hold some kind of honorary degree in Gilmoreism after this project is complete.  
If you have seen the show, you know those ladies talk fast, so I have tried very hard to copy down everything they say, but of course, I may have missed some.  In addition to my recent (fictional) move to Stars Hollow, I am also a college student and have a full time job so I may not be as quick as I would like posting updates.  I also am not sure what I will be posting; I hope it will become obvious as I go along.  In the meantime, I am re-watching season one and taking notes.  As soon as I have everything I need for the first couple episodes I will start the blogging.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. My roommate and I love to watch Gilmore Girls together, we are on the 6th season now. When we saw this blog we thought it is a great idea and I think we will be doing the same thing!