Wednesday, May 6


Well, someone told me about another place to make a blog...and I tried it and liked it, so I am moving this over there.  Which is a good thing to do now, since I haven't started much.

Thanks for the new name, Jessica!

See ya over there!


Monday, April 13

School is over in 3 weeks...

At that time I get my life back and intend to make a serious commitment to this project.

I went to New York in March and it was amazing.  I saw Guys & Dolls on BROADWAY and it was sensational.  I was so excited to be there I actually teared up with the curtain went up.  I have seen lots of theater, musical and not, growing up in Chicago, but this really was awesome.  It was unbelievable to see celebrities I know from television on stage, just (hundreds of) feet away.  Lauren Graham was hilarious and beautiful.  Oliver Platt, who I love from West Wing, was also phenom.  I can't wait to go back and see something else...

I am currently reading Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn in my super minimal spare time.  Like I said, three weeks to freedom and Gilmore Girls all the time!

Wednesday, March 11

Guys & Dolls on Broadway!

I get to go see it on Friday, starring Lauren Graham!!

Wednesday, February 18

The first episode is below.  I think I will try to go in order so I keep organized.  Some things I have seen/read but I will experience them again to remind myself.  I also think I will update each time I finish an item.  I will try to tag entries so they are easy to find.

Tuesday, February 17

101 - Pilot

Here we go!!

(I know the show references On the Road later in the series, so I will start here.)

(Might as well read Tom Sawyer, too, since I never finished it in high school.)

A Stephen King Novel
(Haven't decided which ones to read...suggestions?  I refuse to read "It" due to clowns.)

(Reference is actually Ruth Gordon, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1968)

(Out of Print, will look for a used copy)

Officer Krupke from West Side Story

Gilmore Girls Soundtrack

Favorite Line:  "RuPaul doesn't need this much make-up!" - Rory to Lorelai
Close 2nd:  "I'm not a man who works with his hands." - Michele to Lorelai
Favorite Scene:  Sookie in the kitchen avoiding accidents with the help of the kitchen staff.

Monday, February 9

and now a word from your local sponsors...

Wow, this may be a record for number of followers with no actual blogging yet!  My plan is to start this weekend...I suppose there is some kind of weird logic that loving Gilmore Girls and Valentine's Day go together.  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 28


Hello!  As you may have read above, I am currently trying to get an education in literature and pop culture by watching Gilmore Girls on DVD and reading/watching/listening to all the references made.  I have come to calling it an education because books and iTunes downloads cost money and I would like to think I will hold some kind of honorary degree in Gilmoreism after this project is complete.  
If you have seen the show, you know those ladies talk fast, so I have tried very hard to copy down everything they say, but of course, I may have missed some.  In addition to my recent (fictional) move to Stars Hollow, I am also a college student and have a full time job so I may not be as quick as I would like posting updates.  I also am not sure what I will be posting; I hope it will become obvious as I go along.  In the meantime, I am re-watching season one and taking notes.  As soon as I have everything I need for the first couple episodes I will start the blogging.  Thanks for stopping by!